Structural pipes (PE, PP).



  • storm water drainage
  • sanitary sewer
  • general drainage system
  • drainage


Compliance with standards and technical approvals:

  • PN EN ISO 9969
  • PN EN 13476-3
  • authorization for use in construction in accordance with DIN 16961, DIN 19357, PN EN 1610

Material: polyethylene (PEHD), polypropylene (PP)

  • high resistance to creep
  • high resistance to aging due to thermal stabilization
  • good elasticity
  • very good abrasion resistance
  • thermal stability for waste water with continuous flow
    • up to +60 ºC
    • +80 ºC for the emergency flow


Chemical resistance:

  • chemical resistance to media with pH values ​​between 2 (acid) and 12 (alkaline),
  • pipes resistant to all waste water and substances in the ground,
  • in comparison to other materials where aggressive chemical leads to irreversible changes in the material, in the case of plastics, this is usually only a physical process leading to the deterioration of some of their properties,
  • resistant to solutions of acids, salts, alkalis, if they are not too strong oxidants,


Thermal resistance:

  • Long-term susceptibility to temperature:
    • up to a diameter of DN 200: +45 ºC,
    • larger diameters +35 ºC.
    • assembly between – 25 ºC and + 60 ºC.