SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS – slabs, rods, adhesives


  • We select the materials and installation systems perfectly suited to the actual Customer’s needs.

Supply system of POLYTRADE semi-finished products.

Slabs and adhesives of our offers are applicable in the construction of facilities and equipment.

In the chemical and metallurgy industries and in the construction of facilities, usually the high requirements are set on the materials, concerning their resistance to acids and alkalis, to changes in temperature, low electrostatics etc.

In this product group one may find raw materials such as PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF, ECTFE, which provide long life.

Slabs and round rods are mainly applied in:

  • coatings that act as corrosion protection
  • lining the reactors
  • anti-acid protection of the tanks
  • lining of centrifuges and water towers
  • production of the tanks

During the processing of SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS, the hot air welding and extrusion welding worked very well. The adhesives that are necessary for this purpose are made of the same materials as the given slab.

The most important elements of a supply program include:

  • injection slabs (2000 x 1000) of 2 mm to 45 mm (PP, PE 80, gray PPs, PPs-el, PE-el, PVDF, ECTFE)
  • injection slabs (3000 x 1500) of 3 mm to 30 mm (PP, PE 80, gray PPs, PVDF)
  • injection slabs (2440 x 1220) of 3 mm to 25 mm (white PPs)
  • injection slabs (4000 x 2000) of 3 mm to 20 mm (PP, PE 80)
  • pressed slabs (2000 x 1000) of 10 mm to 120 mm (PP, PE 80, PE-el, PVDF)
  • laminated slabs (3000 x 1500) of 3 mm to 8 mm (PE 80, PP, PVDF)
  • laminated slabs (2000 x 1000) of 3 mm to 8 mm (PE 80, PP, PVDF, ECYFE)
  • laminated slabs, 2 mm to 4 mm (PP, PVDF, ECYFE)
  • round rods 15 mm to 315 mm (PP, PE 80, PVDF,PVDF-HP)
  • adhesives in different shapes (PP, PE 80, PPs, white PPs, PPs-el, PE-el, PVDF, ECTFE)