We supply complete protective solutions against corrosion and influence of aggressive media, for all types of concrete structures that are used to their storage and transport.

The protection system AGRUSAFE SURE GRIP

  • protective slabs together with finishing and installation profiles.

Protective slabs made of high quality materials:

  • PE, PP,
  • PE-el.,
  • PVDF,
  • E/CTFE

Main applications:

  • Protectionof the tanks:
    • aggressive industry media,
    • sewage treatment plants and water polluting media,
    • landfill leachate,
    • drinking water.
  • Protection of the pipes and concrete
  • Protection and sealing of tunnels and canals.
  • Protection and sealing of loading areas of petrochemical products.

The main advantage of our solutions is working life, allowing for a significant reduction in maintenance costs, repairs and service:

  • protection of the structures (concrete – all types of concrete, steel and brick) against corrosion, cracks and leaks.
  • many times greater chemical resistance to aggressive media influence in comparison with other materials,
  • high resistance to ripping out slabs from the protected concrete,
    • up to 90 t/m2, which is achieved by permanent, mechanical fixing of the slabs in concrete (420 anchors/m2)
    • monolithic construction of the slab with anchors,
    • optimum anchorage in all directions – diagonal placement of the anchors – especially important when the temperature changes,
  • high resistance to loosening under the pressure of ground water,
    • up to 3 bar,
  • many times greater resistance to abrasion in comparison with other materials,
    • concrete (90-fold), steel (6-fold).
  • high impact strength,
  • wide temperature range (from -40 C to +60 C, temporarily +80 C)
  • UV resistance – there was no deterioration of properties after 18 years of exposure to the climate of Central Europe.