INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS – water, chemical media

  • We select the systems enabling a significant reduction of investment costs as a result of the installation that do not require the use of expansion joints.
  • We deliver complete installation systems.
    • for the industry,
    • for general construction.

AGRU – transmission networks program

Pipeline systems for the industry are made from raw materials such as PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF, ECTFE that meet a variety of requirements concerning chemical resistance, resistance to temperature changes, working strength, pressure resistance, low-flammability, small electrostatic charge etc.

Moreover, the double-walled piping system, with increased safety requirements, may provide the protection of people and the environment from harmful media. These thin-walled pipes are specially designed for the transportation of industrial wastes.

In addition to the diversity of the raw materials, the individual components allow for the formation of pipelines of large dimensions or of large capacity.


  • cooling water pipelines
  • production lines in the food industry
  • construction of facilities
  • process lines for chemical reactions
  • waste gas ducts

PIPELINE SYSTEMS FOR THE INDUSTRY may be easily arranged through the welding – butt welding, socket pins welding and electrofusion welding. Accessories simplify the installation and the welders complete the integrity of the system.

The most important elements of a supply program include:

  • pipes of 10 mm to 1400 mm (PP, PE 100, PE 80, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF, ECTFE)
  • extended fittings 20 mm to 315 mm (PP, PE 100, PE 80 / injection)
  • short-arm fittings 20 mm to 630 mm (PP, PE 100, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF, ECTFE / injection)
  • fittings for electrical welding 20 mm to 315 mm (PP, PE 100 / injection)
  • fittings for socket pins welding 20 mm to 315 mm (PP, PE 100 / injection)
  • valves, fixture 20 mm to 140 mm (PP, PVDF, ECTFE / injection)
  • accessories (flanges) of 20 mm to 630 mm (PP / injection)
  • welders and installation accessories