PRESSURE INSTALLATIONS – internal and external

  • We select the systems enabling a significant reduction of investment costs as a result of the installation that do not require the use of expansion joints.
  • We deliver complete installation systems.
    • for the industry,
    • for general construction.

AGRULINE – pressure pipes and fittings

AGRULINE product group provides a range of pipes, fittings, valves and special parts used for the construction of pipelines intended for the transportation of gas, water and chemical media.

Thanks to the processing of high-quality PE types by the modern machinery and equipment and the well-trained staff, the pipeline systems meet the highest requirements set by the gas industry and drinking water supply. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the material, because it is the basis of the life of the product. It is determined to be 50 years.

By the use of AGRULINE piping systems one can construct gas pipelines in urban agglomerations. This system is also suitable for constructing water supply systems of drinking water

Combining individual elements in a sealed pipeline systems is simple. One can also  easily perform maintenance works

Thanks to the large variety of available fittings various types of welding may be used – socket pins, butt and electrofusion welding.