• We provide complete piping systems made of polyethylene (PE), or components of systems cooperating with similar systems from other manufacturers.

Ground heat exchangers (GWC) – POLYTRADE

Main advantages:

  • Guaranteed tightness of the system, when properly performed, that is determined to be 30-50 years.
    • electrofusion or butt welders of the system components provide many times longer durability than the use of couplers and seals,
  • System resistance to the risks associated with high level of ground and precipitation water.
    • compared with plate-type exchangers.
  • A high thermal conductivity.
    • PE system (0.50 W/mK) compared to systems made of PVC (0.16 W/mK) or PP (0.22 W/mK)
  • A high system efficiency.
    • no necessity to apply additional equipment, such as for example glycol exchangers,