Roof sealings

AUSTROPLAN – roof foils.

Sealing of buildings using AUSTROPLAN sealing roof foils made of special thermoplastic polyolefins with elastomeric properties provides a number of advantages compared to other sealing systems and materials:

  • high elasticity,
  • broad chemical resistance,
  • resistance to aging in weather and UV radiation conditions,
  • permanent resistance to micro-organisms,
  • resistance to roots,
  • with no back-diffusion of plasticizers,
  • bitumen tolerance,
  • resistant to foam polystyrene EPS/XPS,
  • no halogen elements,
  • uniform longitudinal edge of the foil.
  • increased fire resistance,
  • resistance to polyurethane foam.

AUSTROPLAN FPO roof foils are combined by heat welding into one uniform material. The ideal technique is hot air welding using hot air welding machines, e.g. Leister Varimat or manual hot air welding machines with temperature gauge.

AUSTROPLAN roof foils are excellent for repairing of existing sealings of flat roofs, because they have a special resistance to bitumen, polystyrene, emission deposits in a layer of gravel, etc.


Scope of application:

  • sealing of flat roofs with mechanical fastening without an additional load (exposed to
    the weather conditions)
  • sealing of flat roofs lying loosely under an additional load (gravel, concrete plates etc.)
  • sealing of green (greened) roofs,
  • restoration of damaged sealings.


Variants of the product:

  • homogeneous foil,
  • foil reinforced with glass fabric,
  • foil reinforced with polyester grid,
  • gray-black extruded foil,
  • B2 heat-resistant foil (increased fire resistance DIN 4102 / OENORM 3800)


  • plastic-coated galvanized steel sheets for edging of roof joints,
  • prefabricated corners, roof outlets, frames, adhesives and cleaners.